asked Sep 06 '17 at 18:13 by nalehrma (11)

Hi all, I searched over the net but couldn't find an answer to this question.

Im using a mackie MCU controller+ the Mackie MCU XT. Total, it gives me 16 channels. In Ableton, I can configure this to mirror 16 channels by using the MCU Pro device in addition to the MCU Pro XT device. Both are available by default in ableton. However in Bitwig there are only MCU Pro mappings, and I can't get the extra 8 channels to map to channels 9-16. Instead it mirrors the 1-8 channels. I've tried various configurations but I can't get it to work.

Any ideas? Its odd that MCU Pro is supported but MCU XT isn't. It's also possible I could map it via the HUI protocol, but I haven't found any relevant documentation in how to go about doing that with bitwig.

Thanks bitwig users, i am just tired of Ableton and I'd like my hardware to work on BW!!!

I submitted a Tech support inquiry and they replied:

We are sorry, but only the MCU Pro itself is supported, not the MCU XT Pro.

Too bad! I'll look into building a script for this, but it really should be officially supported as this is a pretty universal protocol. At least we have an answer now.


answered Sep 07 '17 at 16:40 by nalehrma (11)

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