asked Sep 07 '17 at 04:00 by josephdbae (71)

it would be great if i could just bounce a whole track so i could apply the effects to the audio/midi and have the audio file. studio one has this and it's called TRANSFORM TO RENDERED AUDIO and TRANSFORM TO AUDIO TRACK for midi tracks

Hey there, you can do this by either selecting all clips in a track, or making a time selecting of the whole track - then selecting Bounce or Bounce in place.


answered Sep 07 '17 at 09:06 by fredrik (186)

i don't think the effects are added to the audio though. it's not destructive.


answered Sep 07 '17 at 17:09 by josephdbae (71)

If you 'bounce in place' only the instrument will be converted to audio and will replace the MIDI data.

If you just 'bounce' you can select the place in the audio chain at which it's being converted (up to post-fader) and Bitwig will create new audio track with your recording - in 'post-fader' case it will record the instrument, effects, automations, etc.. The original track remains in place and you can do whatever you want: keep it, hide it, disable it. I think it's a better approach than simply replacing MIDI with audio.

  — (Sep 08 '17 at 13:42) antic604

Bitwig can certainly include the effects when you want it to. You probably selected Bounce in Place, which takes the input before the effects chain. If you select Bounce instead, it gives you four options:

  1. Pre-FX
  2. Pre-Fader
  3. Post-Fader
  4. Custom

Any one of the options except for the 1st one will include the effects. #4 Custom even allows to specify at which point in the effect chain you want to take the input for recording. Therefore it's got the disadvantage that it takes at least two clicks instead of one, but it has more capability than other DAWs.


answered Sep 09 '17 at 19:47 by amg56 (717)

edited Sep 09 '17 at 19:58

is there anyway to bounce 2 audio track like in cubase? really handy for drum layering.


answered Oct 20 '18 at 05:40 by jbdmusic (101)

Yes you can. Solo those 2 tracks. Make your time selection on a master track and select "Bounce"

  — (Oct 21 '18 at 00:17) Enrize

Bitwig definitely needs a way to "bounce in place" an audio track, if you do it today, it will do nothing, cause bounce in place only bounces the instrument (and its FX slot) @ the beginning of the chain, but in an audio track there is no instrument.

A simple workflow could be : if the track chain starts with an FX, "bounce in place" would bounce it with only the 1st FX. That way, if you group FXs an this resultant FX Layer is the 1st module of the chain, contained FXs would be bounced, what do you think of this ?


answered Oct 14 '19 at 15:19 by polhalbert (21)

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