asked Sep 07 '17 at 14:37 by Blindekinder (91)

Hi, I use bitwig since its first release under Linux, with Jackd on my KXStudio, no problem. But I have a "regular" 14.04 Ubuntu version installed for my everyday work, with Bitwig installed, sometimes I need to just listen to a session or do some work. I don't want to install Jack, I run Bitwig with Pulseaudio, installed by default. But since some releases, audio engine doesn't activate with Alsa, nor with Pulseaudio in Audio Settings.

Any Idea? It used to work great before.

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Come on! This is frustrating. Why silence for this problem?
I've the same problem as Blindekinder. I wanna use ALSA for simplicity. I don't wanna use JACK (but I'm force to). There's no need for me. Today, I've installed version 2.2.2 and the audio engine doen't start at all. Why version 2 has this problem? Version 1 was fine.

I'm using Linux Mint 18.2 (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) with the cinnamon desktop. My sound card is a Steinberg UR22.

Please, give us an answer. Something at least.

Thanks in advance.


answered Oct 28 '17 at 12:03 by SteB81 (31)

Great, as I said I like jack very much, but the point is Bitwig announces Alsa/PA compatibility, so it just has to work...


answered Nov 15 '17 at 23:41 by Blindekinder (91)

About jack, don't use it, but don't hate it, it doesn't bite. Jack is great, jack is powerful. If you use BWS alone to stereo out, use Alsa, it makes sense, any other purpose, adopt Jack and love it. The only point is BWS should work with Alsa, that's it.


answered Dec 04 '17 at 17:06 by Blindekinder (91)

Still not in 2.2!!! any correction planed?


answered Oct 24 '17 at 22:38 by Blindekinder (91)

Seconded; I just installed Ubuntu 17.10 and ...crickets. If Ubuntu is a supported platform, I think there needs to be an official "getting started with Ubuntu and Bitwig" guide at minimum. Yeah, we've seen and with recent versions of Ubuntu, I've not had any success after following these directions.

I was happy to pay for Bitwig with the knowledge that Ubuntu was a supported platform but I am concerned that I'm not able to take advantage of my purchase without running Windows, and that entirely defeats the purpose of buying the damn thing. I already have DAW software for Windows.

Please, we need official support for an officially supported platform! Some kind of help! Thanks.


answered Nov 05 '17 at 16:50 by royalsefton (11)

i had an older debian, and i had to upgrade glibc. i did a backport trick... It was after i think 2.1.1 i ended up upgrading my distro shortly after, which also got me rid of a few bugs after a bit of struggle. Jessie -> Stretch

even some airwave'd vst plugins like vidplayvst started working after the upgrade :)


answered Nov 08 '17 at 18:38 by tenchudj (11)

edited Nov 08 '17 at 18:39

Why would anyone not install jack..? It is seriously my best friend. I have it running all the time, even when gaming/browsing etc... It is the first thing I load up when booting my machine. I just fire it up and then forget about it and move on using my machine.


answered Nov 15 '17 at 10:13 by pbrynildsen (48)

Why would anyone not install jack..?

I have a system for sound production with Jack, for professional use, I love it, it's the base of my system. Combined with ladish session, I can load a complex patch between many softwares in one click... I have a system for my everyday use, mails, sound listening, internet, telephone, movies... PulseAudio do the job ~well (I admit it could be enhanced), and I don't want to make connections every time I play a movie on internet... Sometimes I'd like to work on some Bitwig session there, but it's impossible for now. We should have choice...


answered Nov 15 '17 at 12:20 by Blindekinder (91)

edited Nov 15 '17 at 12:20

and I don't want to make connections every time I play a movie on internet

You don't need to. I load up jack, and then I kill pulseaudio and let it respawn. And now pulseaudio hooks up to jack via the pulseaudio-jack-sink. It takes 2 seconds to write out "pulseaudio -k" in terminal. You can even write out the kill pulse thing or use some pulseaudio suspend in most gui interfaces for jack, so this happens automaticly when loading jack. And now I don't touch it anymore. Everything on my system works as if jack where not loaded. All of my applications like browser, mediaplayers, games etc hook up to pulseaudio themself just as they use to, all my hotkeys on my keyboard still work etc.. My mixer is "pavucontrol" as always. I litterally never touch the connections window on any jack gui. (I use qjackctl btw). This is what I mean by load up jack and forget about it. Just pretend it isn't there.. I don't need to make any connections, pulseaudio takes care of everything like always. If you use a gui interface for jack and don't want it on your desktop, just move it to one of the other workspaces.

Just to clarify things more, I am on Arch linux 64 bit, the package used is "pulseaudio-jack 11.1-1" and it is in arch official repo, installed easily be arch package manager. Whatever distro you use there should be a similar package in their repo.


answered Nov 15 '17 at 12:41 by pbrynildsen (48)

edited Nov 15 '17 at 12:42

My argument precisely. Yes, I can get JACK working, but I'd like an ALSA implementation that works out of the box on a supported distro (i.e., Ubuntu). If it's not a valid choice, why offer it?

I also use Renoise which has excellent ALSA support on pretty much any distro I've tried. The one stipulation is you need to adjust some security limits to get a reasonable latency (rtprio and nice settings) but the adjustments are well-documented on their website and it's overall much simpler than setting up JACK (in my opinion). That's the kind of experience I'd be happy to get with Bitwig.

But yes, I'll be rolling with JACK to get my use out of Bitwig in Ubuntu. Thank you all. :)


answered Nov 16 '17 at 02:22 by royalsefton (11)

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