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FL Studio has an amazing feature that let's you color midi notes within a clip. So I can have a complex pattern where the shorter notes are blue, and the longer notes are red. If I need to to slightly increase the length of the shorter notes, I can use the tool to select the blue notes easily, without having to ctrl+click all over the place. This way red notes are unaffected. Currently this is such a major pain, and if I lose my selection then I have to ctrl+click all over the place once again, making tiny adjustments take a ridiculous amount of extra clicks and steps.

This is a must have feature, and speeds up making small adjustments in complex midi patterns tenfold. I know Bitwig's notes are based on the color of the track, but having a colored border or even just a way to tag notes would be a life saver.

How would that work for layered editing, where you see several clips at once on top of each other? How would you then distinguish between notes from different clips / tracks? How does FL handle this?

Something else could be useful, I think: normally, hitting Cmd/Ctrl+A selects all the notes in a clip.I'd like to see an option where if you hit Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+A a popup appears and you can filter which notes are getting selected, by specifying ranges for note length, velocity, panning, timbre, pressure, etc.


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A colored border around the notes would be a good compromise. The fill of the notes would be distinguishable but the border would be the individual notes' color. Even something like having a small piece at the front of the note show the note's color, like a little colored dot, would work well.

In FL layered editing, you're only working with the current layer and the background notes are grayed out, but you can select a background note to start editing that layer instead, in which case the layer you were working on becomes grayed out.

Some kind of tagging system would also work, like having notes tagged as "short" then being able to select "short" notes quickly. But colors would be much better.

That select all popup feature is a good idea, but would not be enough. It would still be slow, and I often have similar notes with similar lengths spread around, that I'd like to be able to quickly adjust individually without selected all the notes in a given range. Still, it would be a good thing to implement.


answered Sep 14 '17 at 18:00 by ErikL (41)

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