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Is there any change in the midi mute behaviour of Bitwig? I need to have all midi messages muted when I mute a track. There are Situations in my Workflow, when I do not send audio of a Hardware track to Bitwig before I send it out to my speakers. So please add a possibility (checkbox per track) If mute affects also midi and not only audio.

I will not change to Version 2 until this feature is implemented, cannot understand if it's not possible!

Every DAW I have used in 15+ years of doing this stuff can mute midi in the sequencer, it's such a standard behavior. I really don't understand why Bitwig wants to force you to route audio from your hardware back into it, and then mute the audio. That's not necessarily everybody's workflow! There should at least be an option to choose if mutes affect midi and/or audio!

Any update on this? Many users are holding back on switching to Bitwig because of this.


answered Oct 02 at 14:32 by Errortrax (21)

edited Oct 02 at 14:34

I totally agree with the need of a global track muting including MIDI HW instrument : it is SO standard !! When I mute a track with my controller, I indeed expect that it mutes the signal sent to the external synth. In my case, many of my synths play in the external mixer directly and not back in BW.

One solution without changing the whole audio nature of all BW tracks would be to be able to trig each enable/disable buttons of all instruments included in the device panel with the main mute button of the track.

We do love BW but this is a HUGE limitation in any usual (ananlogous) workflow.. Please do something for this, thanks !


answered Nov 25 at 14:09 by yomguy (31)

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