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Is there any change in the midi mute behaviour of Bitwig? I need to have all midi messages muted when I mute a track. There are Situations in my Workflow, when I do not send audio of a Hardware track to Bitwig before I send it out to my speakers. So please add a possibility (checkbox per track) If mute affects also midi and not only audio.

I will not change to Version 2 until this feature is implemented, cannot understand if it's not possible!

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Every DAW I have used in 15+ years of doing this stuff can mute midi in the sequencer, it's such a standard behavior. I really don't understand why Bitwig wants to force you to route audio from your hardware back into it, and then mute the audio. That's not necessarily everybody's workflow! There should at least be an option to choose if mutes affect midi and/or audio!

Any update on this? Many users are holding back on switching to Bitwig because of this.


answered Oct 02 '17 at 14:32 by Errortrax (61)

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Fully agree +1! it's a bread and butter feature that's still missing in this DAW


answered Feb 11 '18 at 21:55 by Schwedter (41)

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+1 need Midi Mute and Solo here for my external gear, not only per track, but also Solo per Clip (Mute is there in the Inspector panel but Solo is missing)

If Bitwig does not want this as the default behavior for some reason, then please put this into the Settings: "Mute/Solo: Apply to Midi tracks as well".


answered Nov 22 '19 at 07:39 by mindanao (72)

I totally agree with the need of a global track muting including MIDI HW instrument : it is SO standard !! When I mute a track with my controller, I indeed expect that it mutes the signal sent to the external synth. In my case, many of my synths play in the external mixer directly and not back in BW.

One solution without changing the whole audio nature of all BW tracks would be to be able to trig each enable/disable buttons of all instruments included in the device panel with the main mute button of the track.

We do love BW but this is a HUGE limitation in any usual (ananlogous) workflow.. Please do something for this, thanks !


answered Nov 25 '17 at 14:09 by yomguy (41)

+1 also when bouncing a plugin-track my synths turn crazy and I have to switch them off and on. thats annoying.


answered Jan 07 '18 at 17:22 by muteme (21)

+1 vote on this, if it counts... It seems the developers not eager to fix this problem or at least answer something:-(


answered Jan 14 '18 at 18:34 by Petroff (84)

I want to record a midi track on external hardware. Record the Audio. Then Mute the Midi, so I can then record a different sound using the same hardware synth. Having to mute the Device is an painful and unintuitive design.


answered Feb 04 '18 at 21:57 by kevinpwilson (21)

New Bitwig studio user here, just learning the ropes, but discovered this behavior over the weekend and was surprised like all the other posters here... I just filed a support request for this feature.

I see this topic also discussed on a kvraudio forum thread going back to 2015. What transpires from this old thread (my interpretation) is this is the result of a design choice that Bitwig finds difficult to change, either because of product architecture/philosophy or because it would be difficult to address without compromising other functionality.

It is however easy to see why this design choice is a problem. It suffices to accept the fact that many (perhaps most?) multitimbral MIDI instruments do not have separate audio outputs per MIDI part/channel. Therefore the only way to mute some MIDI channels and not others is to stop playing them. Same story with a drum machine that (typically) plays kick, snare, claps and hi-hat all off of note events on e.g. channel 10: to mute only the snare, one has to be able to stop sending snare notes, but continue sending the others.

Looking for workarounds in the interim, I gather that one can deactivate the unwanted MIDI track(s) (Alt-A by default). However this obviously doesn't work well at all for the solo function. Anyone knows of another/better workaround?


answered Feb 06 '18 at 02:08 by jfgallant (21)

Yikes!! I'm gobsmacked.

I just purchased bitwig, and then fell into this abyss on day 2. I thought I tested enough with the demo, guess I relied too much on virtual instruments. My bad.

Like others here, I've used a good number of DAWs and I've never seen an omission like this, at least not in the past 10 years. Many of us have lots of external gear that we depend upon for a wide variety of reasons and in a variety of contexts and we need a efficient workflow. Or at least non-crappy..

Someone mentioned routing all the external gear's audio outputs back into bitwig,. That's just not practical for most of us. And we should not have to just to hack around a missing solo/mute feature.

I guess I'll look into track enable/disable keyboard shortcuts next. :-/

I hope I don't regret my purchase.

Bitwig, GmbH, can you let us know what's going on w/r/t this longstanding complaint?


answered Jan 03 at 23:38 by bing13 (41)

I wrote to Bitwig support a while ago, here is their response: "A solution for Mute/Solo external midi gear when not feeding it back into Bitwig Studio is on the wish list for future consideration"

  — (Jan 06 at 03:28) mindanao

"routing all the external gear's audio outputs back into bitwig": Yeah, this is what they want us to do. And it is one valid scenario, but it does not fit everybody. I am actually considering the move to "mix in the box" (but for different reasons, like FX availability and control). Which means to replace the external mixer with I/O or use a digital mixer with USB I/O). Meanwhile I use Bitwig for what it is really good at: A "multi-instrument" until the CPU maxes out. But not so much as sequencer / arranger.

  — (Jan 06 at 03:34) mindanao

We shouldn't even have this discussion. It should just mute the midi. The way it works now serves no purpose. @all of you, please write a feature request to support. It's the only way to make them listen to reason. This board is not meant for feature requests.


answered Jan 06 at 21:09 by stamp (186)

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