asked Sep 17 '17 at 18:29 by mikem (11)

Hi! It's nice to finally have the onscreen keyboard outside of touch mode. A few ideas for improvement:

Currently it always pitch-bends when holding a note and moving the mouse. It would be great if on left-click it could simply hold the note that was clicked on without sending pitch bend and re-trigger the note as soon as you move the mouse to another key (and keep the current behavior for right-click). This is how other keyboards work and it's a bit strange when you try to play a melody but it always bends the notes because you are moving and clicking the mouse at the same time.

If we could select a custom half-tone offset on every row users could re-create guitar layouts. Right now if you have 6 rows of keys visible it's almost layed out like a guitar, but the top two rows are off by a half tone. If we could specify custom offsets we could then create custom layouts like standard guitar, drop d, things like that. Maybe even add an option to display the marker dots from guitar necks instead of (or in addition to) the white/black piano key backgrounds.

Another option could be to add a column at the right for stroking that re-triggers the note in the row to the left of it, so you could (when using multi-touch) finger a guitar chord with the left hand and stroke it with the right.

I don't think those additions would be too major, but it could vastly improve the utility of the keyboard, especially for guitarists. I think this could be an awesome way to record solos.

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