asked Sep 17 '17 at 23:38 by meradium (21)

Need help understanding what is happening here...

1) I recorded a MIDI performance (Notes and CC1) on an Instrument Track in the Arrangement window.

2) I wanted to adjust the timing of the whole performance via the "Offset" value of the created clip in the Arrangement view. To my surprise, the CC automation does NOT follow the offet - only the MIDI note events do.

3) Out of curiosity, I dragged the created clip into a clip of the Clip Launcher View. Then I moved a copy from the Clip Launcher back to the Arrangement view. Now the CC automation DOES follow the clip offset...

How can I tell a clip on the Arrangement window and its underlying automation to behave like a clip that got dragged from the Clip Launcher? (without going back and forth)

I was hoping I could use the offset to mimic a track pre-delay (like in Cubase) so that my played performance is automatically compensated for the delay of the played samples...

Also, is there a way to select any MIDI automation under a selected MIDI event? When I move notes it is extremely cumbersome to manually readjust every single automation lane after having moved a note... ;(

Not saying this is not a genuine bug / issue and shouldn't be fixed, but why wouldn't you simply move the recorded clip (making sure that the Automation Follow button is enabled) left or right to match it with the rest of your track? Alternatively, for the time being you could record into a clip (and then drag it to the arranger), even if arranger is playing thanks to the side-by-side view. Also, the Time Shift device in 2.2 beta should really come in handy in this case :)

Again, this seems like a bug and should be addressed by the dev team. Maybe use the opportunity of 2.2 beta to file it?


answered Sep 18 '17 at 11:31 by antic604 (602)

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