asked Sep 19 '17 at 00:05 by yassinex (181)


Hi Bitwig team,

I love Bitwig for many reasons, so I'm using it to compose my music and it's a great piece of software...

But the thing is that I need another Daw to finish my tracks...

As you know, there is no audio comping no audio record loop. No pitch correction ( Like Flex, Melodyne, IRCAM... )

So tbh it's really a huge PITA to record, align and correct voices inside Bitwig. So for now, It's much quicker and more efficient to use for that other DAWs.

You guys rocks for Midi for real, , but for Voice recording it's not really there - yet

So are you planning to add ARA support ( melodyne Vocaling) and audio Comping features in the near future to help people like me to finish their songs inside Bitwig ?

Many thanks


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For comping all you need to do is:

  • record your takes in separate clips, using the MIX view - click the "PLAY" tile in top-left corner and at the bottom you have "Post Recording Action/Delay" - choose "Record into next free slot" and in the box next to it set number of bars that you want your single recording to take (for example 4 bars) - this will result in all your takes, each of them lasting 4 bars, being recorded to subsequent clips in the same track,
  • drag the clips to separate tracks, so they're one under the other, group those tracks
  • select the group clip, so that all included clips are selected as well
  • go to Edit panel (hit 'E') and click the layered editing icon,
  • edit your takes

See how this works in this videa around 7:00 mark:


answered Sep 19 '17 at 09:19 by antic604 (673)

Thanks antic for you answer. But to be honest I love Bitwig, and it's clear that ARA and Comping are achievable by the excellent BWS devs... I'm sure. When you know that the dev are capable are more impatient.

Btw, not sure you did a comp in Studio One for example, it's way easier that you described....routing is exellent too. But that's not the point, we are here because we love BWS.....

So come on guy, let us get ARA and Comp at last !!!!!



answered Sep 19 '17 at 23:34 by yassinex (181)

According to Dom (on Bitwig forum) ARA support is planned, but no idea when. I suppose the more often requests pop up, the earlier we may get it.


answered Sep 19 '17 at 03:57 by Cyler (356)

A nice feature would be to add solo buttons to the Edit view, so that when you are comping you can solo between them to hear the differences and decide which one you want. Kind of like the playlists in Pro-tools.


answered Sep 20 '17 at 20:10 by recordpressplay (81)

Thanks antik fir the tip. But this is exactly what I’m meaning, it’s a PITA, a heavy manual process workaround where in other DAWs you just have to hit Record, select best parts of (any layer all orher part are auto muted) and you are done...,

You can do any thing from any daw, the only difference is the.... efficiency


answered Sep 19 '17 at 10:29 by yassinex (181)

@yassines, yes I can see that but I can also say you should've taken the right tool for the job - Bitwig is clearly geared more towards electronic, experimental music and it's clearly lacking in tracking & comping departament, unsurprisingly just like its 'brothers' Ableton and Maschine. On the flip side, I'm pretty sure that say Cubase, Logic or Studio One are less efficient when it comes to creating parallel processing chains (which are trivial with racks / layers devices in Bitwig or Live), layered instrument parts, routing MIDI and audio across the project, modulating anything with anything else, jamming live, etc. As much as I'd love Bitwig to be that someday, I'm afraid it will never cover all the tools and functionalities that other DAWs have - it will always be stronger than others in one place, while being weaker in others. So maybe look at it that way - how much time Bitwig saves you doing those things and whether or not it compensates for additional effort when comping?

And come on - how is that a PITA? In "other DAWS" you surely need to set up the recording, e.g. at least tell the DAW how long each take is, then you have to go to some editor and pick the best parts, while silencing the others. In Bitwig, you just record to clips, spread them over tracks and edit their volume or track's on/off automation. It's few more clicks and once you get familiar with the process and setup it really isn't that complicated. I'm pretty sure it also wasn't intuitive or straightforward in other DAWs at first.


answered Sep 19 '17 at 11:35 by antic604 (673)

edited Sep 19 '17 at 11:38

I do agree with yassinex. Yes, Bitwig is much more geared towards electronic music, but there are not many things it is missing to make it a great and easy universal DAW. Although I would probably use ARA more than comping right now, implementing comping before ARA would be the logical thing to do. One other thing I am missing is a normalize function, preferably one that lets you choose a dBFS or RMS value.


answered Sep 20 '17 at 03:49 by Cyler (356)

Bitwig's lack of responsiveness on is teaching me a lot about the company.
Without ARA, I will not renew. Time to find another DAW.


answered Apr 20 '19 at 15:33 by omayhemo (41)

Hi dear omayhemo,

I think you are wasting your time without any need to do it, actually.

If you looking and waiting for answers from Bitwig developers in a user driven question/answer you are just looking wrong things in the wrong place.

This is clearly written in the support page. This is user driven. Users write here. Post questions, receive answers from other users which are in will of answering, just because we, I include myself in the list of people who answer, like this DAW with all his capabilities and his design, and love to help others to find solutions.

If you want to talk to developers, you should write to

Or go in the KVR forum.

This is written, also... This should tell you a lot about the company: they actually do what they say.

Best regards,



answered Apr 21 '19 at 01:42 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Except they don’t seem to answer questions like these at that address. So... then how to get through to them? I can’t determine whether they will support a simple use case available in even the cheapest DAW. At this price... I liked a lot about bigwig, but this experience as a subscriber feels a little lacking.


answered Apr 21 '19 at 02:13 by omayhemo (41)

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