asked Sep 20 '17 at 19:57 by recordpressplay (81)


Ableton has a really handy feature when writing midi or editing that allows you to press option click and keep playing from the clicked location on the timeline. This allows you to make precise edits instead of having to reposition the marker. Also convenient when you finish you can just press spacebar to replay the clip from the original location. Is this possible in Bitwig?

Agree this would be very handy for editing longer clips! Miss this feature from Ableton very much!


answered Nov 23 '17 at 14:29 by Baphy (209)

This would be amazing. A few small workflow items need to be addressed to make this program really soar!!


answered Jul 31 '18 at 06:46 by Mullins (31)

Either we didn't realize how it worked in Bitwig, or they added this feature since late 2017 kinda sorta. The trick is to manually set your playhead marker up in the time ruler of the Event panel. It works in either Track or Clip mode. Just left click to set the blue triangle thingy (playhead marker). Then playback will always start from that point when you press Space.


answered Jul 31 '18 at 13:50 by Baphy (209)

Yes as well as this functions manually clicking the time ruler is a little inconvenient when you are digging deep in some midi editing. It would be nice to be able just play from wherever you have the marker dropped with a shortcut similar to what Ableton has. I used this function in every single track I worked on in Ableton and it was definitely a time saver.


answered Aug 01 '18 at 07:59 by Mullins (31)

I would like to have that funcionality aswell. Lemme know if you got a solution!


answered Aug 23 '19 at 19:35 by MalteBeyer (11)

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