asked Sep 22 '17 at 22:38 by Yusupov (31)

whether in the future the tool as Ableton multiband dynamics in bitwig?

You can use the Multiband FX-2 or FX>3 and drop either one the stock compressors or any compressors in there. There is even a preset for a multiband compressor. Could be a bit better of course, especially having buttons to solo bands. There are some decent freeware options, too. The free Reaper VST bundle has a very capable multiband compressor and TDR Nova can be used as a multiband compressor as well as a great sounding dynamic EQ, too. In case you are on Linux, ZaMultiCompX2 seems pretty decent.


answered Sep 23 '17 at 15:13 by Cyler (356)

edited Sep 23 '17 at 15:17

Yes, using Multiband FX 2/3 + Compressor or Dynamics is the solution.

You can also make a dynamic EQ using EQ5 and Audio Sidechain "listening" to frequencies in your sound and modulating the gain of EQ5 band as soon as it's triggered. You can adjust sensitivity, attack & release per band, which makes it very precise. And you'll see visually what's happening, thanks to EQ5's dynamic display.


answered Sep 25 '17 at 09:52 by antic604 (673)

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