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I'm trying to distribute polyphonic midi to several monosynths within bitwig similar to the Mutable Instruments Midipal dispatch function ( I've tried two different VSTs which both use the same technique of routing notes played to separate midi channels which can be mapped to up to 16 monosynths - limited by the number of midi channels. Somehow only Ch1 seems to be working for me. I'm trying to use the midiCHfilter tool within bitwig 2.1 to filter out midi data from everything but CH1 on monosynth 1 and CH2 on monosynth 2 etc. Can anyone help?

Xhip Notelogic and PIZmidi midipolyphony

I've built a chain like this:

piz midiPolyphony (min Channel 1, max 3) -> piz midiMonitor -> Bitwig Instrument Layer wich contains 3 combos of piz midiChannel + Synths.

The midiChannel filters are set to 1 to 3

It doesn't work. I've tried different setting in piz midiPolyphony and Bitwig. Behaviour:

  • IS: piz midiMonitor only shows channel 1, only Layer 1 synth plays
  • EXPECTED: it should cycle through cannels 1 to 3, all 3 Synths should play notes round robin.

answered Jun 24 '18 at 12:07 by PeterH (11)

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I believe that Bitwig has not actually implemented midi channels within the program yet from what I can tell - I try out these plugins again every time they run a new update with the hopes that this will work. I will be very happy whenever they get around to adding this functionality!


answered Jun 25 '18 at 05:16 by kautzy77 (34)

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