asked Sep 26 '17 at 13:02 by antic604 (673)

Hi, I'm trying to build a list of bugs / issues and feature requests for touch/tablet profile of Bitwig, used for the devices like Surface Pro. I'd appreciate if you could chime in and add your feedback:

If you don't have KVR account, please post them here and I'll compile it all together.

Let's make that EVEN better! :)

Howdy! This is not maybe directly related but, I've been trying to use the new display mode (Studio/Touch) with iPad (using Duet Display), but I've find it quite useless mainly because, at least in that situation, the touch view is too much detailed and requieres exact mouse-like clicks on the UI.

I'd much rather have a touch view similar to gridbase controllers, say launchpad pro or push, where things are simplified and where every object is full "hit area" and only does one thing. Actually this could even be better an external controller, since it would be "native" and the integration is there already. Or maybe they could have two touch views: current + simplified touch controller.


answered Sep 27 '17 at 10:06 by mgaw (268)

I think the Studio/Touch profile is meant for setups with one big 'normal' screen and one, but still quite sizeable - touch screen, that'd play the role of mixer console. You see such a setup in a lot of professional studios nowadays (based on Youtube videos, I mean :)).

Maybe try the actual 'tablet' profile and drag the screen to your iPad? But I think it'd still not be very comfortable, because iPad is too small, maybe with the exception of this big 12'' one.

Still, I agree it's lacking anyway - it's great to fool around or maybe play live, but for 'serious' work it is cumbersome.

  — (Sep 27 '17 at 11:45) antic604

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