asked Dec 05 '14 at 13:11 by Strangetown (69)

I've been playing around with this new tool and managed to get rather frustrated last night. I eventually realised that it does not seem to receive key data from the source track/clip below D3 - it progressively drops off between C4 and C3, the yellow indicator gets dimmer the further you go down until C4 when it does not receive anything at all. If you are trying to use a bassline as a trigger source this is no good at all. Is there any possibility you could increase the sensitivity of the tool so that it receives data evenly across the range of octaves? Or maybe it's not the tool ittelf but rather the way the data is transmitted....


If I'm not mistaken, Note MOD Key source has range much more than [0..1], while [0..1] is displayed by its color; it's done in octaves, like this: C1 => -2, C2 => -1, C3 => 0, C4 => 1, C5 => 2, etc...

So the parameter modulation will just go the other direction if you play notes below C3 (like bipolar macro).


answered Jan 09 '17 at 14:35 by asheb (256)

In case this doesn't solve the problem, you can also use Note Pitch Shifter within its Note MOD's Note FX chain.

  — (Jan 09 '17 at 14:38) asheb

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