asked Sep 28 '17 at 14:50 by CmdRobot (101)

Hey people, I try to come up with a modulator LFO, that has a square wave with adjustable pulse width. I know Classic LFO offers a square, but I cant't change it's pulse width. I know I can draw a square wave in Steps-modulator, but it's not possible to change pulse width in an easy way. Is there something I don't get or is this not possible in Bitwig right now?

Yes you can do it! With the Classic LFO squarewave you can modulate the phase with other oscillators. The polysynth also has pulsewidth controls for the oscillator and the sub oscillator that you can modulate manually or with an LFO - these work great for the classic PWM effect - they are the X axis sliders underneath the shape and sub knobs in the Polysynth.


answered Oct 01 '17 at 04:06 by kautzy77 (34)

You can get somewhere near:

  • Send the Output of a Classic LFO modulator to the Input of a Quantize Modulator at maximum amplitude.
  • Set the Quantize Modulator Quantize Amount to 1 and the mode to Linear. This will give you an approximation of a square wave.
  • You can adjust the symmetry/pulse width of the "square" by adjusting the Curve of the Saw wave in the Classic LFO.

answered Jan 06 '19 at 16:08 by sticklebrick (469)

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