asked Dec 06 '14 at 17:31 by kzantow (346)

I'm trying to share a project between a Mac OSX 10.9 BWS 1.1.2 and Windows 7 x64 BWS 1.1.2 but it has a problem restoring some plugin states and just says the plugins are missing. Is there a way to locate them and apply the state? The plugins do show up in the plugin browser and I can drag them into the project and load them manually, but of course they don't retain the same state as what was saved with the project.

It seemed to work properly in the OSX -> Windows direction, but after some changes and trying to move back Windows -> OSX, there is now an issue locating some of the plugins. Not sure if it matters, but specifically: Bazille, Valhalla Vintage Verb, and TAL U-NO-LX-2 are showing as missing (both systems are using VST and both have the latest versions of the plugins), while Curve 2, Dune 2 and all the Bitwig plugins are working properly.

I've copied the entire directory between the machines. Is there anything else I should do to make this work reliably? Or a way I can at least manually fix it each time after moving between systems?

Turns out it's very easy. D'oh!

Go to the Project properties tab, in the Used Plug-ins section, click to Replace them or Ignore all version conflicts.

alt text


answered Dec 07 '14 at 18:17 by kzantow (346)

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Great feature!

  — (Dec 08 '14 at 11:24) Solidtrax

Is there still something like Project properties tab?

Edit (few mins latter)): You meant Project panel (where also vst browser is), but sometimes the missing plugins don't even show up there, and if they do, I don't have and option Replace((

Edit2-Solved: Plugin was vst3 while before it was vst2 (after few days of thinking I have best PC in the world, I switched more or less all pluggins back to vst2)


answered Feb 03 at 03:47 by Sigsally (24)

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