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After Effects has this great feature called "Increment and save". If you are working on a project which name ends with a number (i.e. beat-03.bwproject), clicking File > Increment and save would save your project as beat-04.bwproject and you can just keep on working in it. If the projects doesn't end with a number it would add -01 to the filename. Right now, I do this manually and this would be a simple and clever solution to keep your project versions clean and organised.

I've always wanted some kind of version control so I can switch back to previous mixes. I think this is the simplest solution.


answered Sep 29 at 04:10 by Ott (124)

They could just integrate git!


answered Oct 06 at 01:44 by relo (21)

I do this all the time so I can revert to old versions of my projects. This feature would be convenient!

Edit: when backing up files etc in Linux, I usually use epoch time (number of seconds that have elapsed since 00:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Thursday, 1 January 1970, minus the number of leap seconds)

This allows you to embed the date/time in a single string of decimal numbers that will always be unique.


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