asked Oct 04 '17 at 15:38 by anetta (11)

Hello everyone,

I've recorded a track with Rise25 and made overdub few times on the same track. How can i export "layers" of this single track? I really need to mix it. But i only see how to export Overdubed track with all the overdubbing in there?

Please advice Anetta

I do wish it were possible to have multiple lanes of clip data playing at once on the same track, but as of 3.1.2, it isn't possible because only one clip can play at a time. When you overdub, it really changes the clip contents. I don't know a way to separate the overdub sessions unless you do something clever like change the MIDI channel on your controller before recording a new take.

A recommendation: use separate tracks for separate takes -- those would be the "layers". If you don't want to duplicate the device chain, you can set the secondary tracks to output notes to a primary track.


answered Feb 29 at 19:48 by voidshine (302)


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answered Feb 29 at 04:28 by goalken (0)


Hi, I knew a good equaliser program that did this mixing, but I couldn't remember the name. If I remember, I'll write it down.


answered Apr 25 at 14:49 by ramswaroop (9)

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