asked Oct 09 at 22:42 by DragD (146)

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I wish Bitwig had a Visual mixer like the one introduced with iZotope Neutron 2. It is pretty basic but it is a start. I'm sure Bitwig can do better.

Are we stuck in the midst of the previous century with faders because of tradition?

alt text

alt text

I agree.Actually everything could be more modern.Knobs,faders are just for physical devices.We dont need them.There could be more creative ideas for D.A.Ws.iZotope Visual Mixer is really good example.But its just a start like you said.


answered Oct 12 at 00:43 by Neirlone (21)

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I really like this idea. Rotating in 3d might help with overlaping channels or as an idea for surround or virtual surround?


answered Oct 12 at 17:14 by zhiguli8 (31)

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This one is certainly an overkill!


answered Oct 18 at 19:34 by DragD (146)

I'm not sure if that is in there future plans down the road, but as many other things it would be a nice feature.


answered Oct 10 at 20:01 by Amitrix (36)


Does iZotope Visual Mixer work in Bitwig? I shelled out the bucks to purchase v8 and cannot get VM to work in Bitwig 2.2 , but it works fine in Live 9!

Agree that a Bitwig version of Visual Mixer would be great!




answered Oct 14 at 18:38 by ClaviusBass (11)

Yes, it does work. Try changing your plugin sand boxing settings, because if you have "each plugin" then obviously the plugins cannot communicate between each other.

  — (Oct 16 at 10:20) antic604

@Alan: Yes, I confirm iZotope Visual Mixer does work in Bitwig 2.2. I am on Windows 10.


answered Oct 15 at 16:10 by DragD (146)

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