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I wish Bitwig had a Visual mixer like the one introduced with iZotope Neutron 2. It is pretty basic but it is a start. I'm sure Bitwig can do better.

Are we stuck in the midst of the previous century with faders because of tradition?

alt text

alt text

I agree.Actually everything could be more modern.Knobs,faders are just for physical devices.We dont need them.There could be more creative ideas for D.A.Ws.iZotope Visual Mixer is really good example.But its just a start like you said.


answered Oct 12 at 00:43 by Neirlone (21)

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I really like this idea. Rotating in 3d might help with overlaping channels or as an idea for surround or virtual surround?


answered Oct 12 at 17:14 by zhiguli8 (21)

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This one is certainly an overkill!


answered yesterday by DragD (116)

I'm not sure if that is in there future plans down the road, but as many other things it would be a nice feature.


answered Oct 10 at 20:01 by Amitrix (36)


Does iZotope Visual Mixer work in Bitwig? I shelled out the bucks to purchase v8 and cannot get VM to work in Bitwig 2.2 , but it works fine in Live 9!

Agree that a Bitwig version of Visual Mixer would be great!




answered Oct 14 at 18:38 by ClaviusBass (11)

Yes, it does work. Try changing your plugin sand boxing settings, because if you have "each plugin" then obviously the plugins cannot communicate between each other.

  — (Oct 16 at 10:20) antic604

@Alan: Yes, I confirm iZotope Visual Mixer does work in Bitwig 2.2. I am on Windows 10.


answered Oct 15 at 16:10 by DragD (116)

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