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What would be the best way to deal with breath control (MIDI CC #2) in 8-Track (or Bitwig Studio 1.3.x)? For instance, is there an easy way to remap a MIDI control to the modulation wheel (MW)?

Using Bitwig 8-Track, which is based on the Bitwig Studio 1.3.5 codebase (with a few exceptions, which may be relevant). Specifically, this version doesn‘t accept control surface scripts meant for BWS 2 (but it does work with older scripts for BWS 1.3.x). Sounds like the scripts embedded in the app itself are using some things from the newer API, but creating a custom script from this (including one based on the embedded template.js with a new UUID) doesn't allow it to be recognized by the app.

Got two wind controllers: a Yamaha WX-11 (similar to Akai EWI-USB) and an Eigenharp Pico (which can produce Multidimensional Polyphonic expression, aka MPE). The breath control on the Pico can be assigned to any MIDI control (including polyphonic aftertouch) while the WX-11 only sends it as CC #2 (and, unlike the EWI, it doesn't have polyphonic aftertouch).

Tried diverse approaches and was able to use breath control to open a low-pass filter, but only through awkward workarounds. Basically, 8-Track parameters can learn from MIDI CC#2, but only when nothing else is playing. Because the WX-11 only sends CC#2 while playing a note, 8-Track gets confused and picks whichever note is played instead of accepting CC#2 (the “key” part of “Map to Controller or Key”). And it sounds like these mappings are device- and controller-specific and possibly even project- and preset-specific (at least in the Mappings Browser Panel). Is there a way to have the mapping carry through multiple presents, devices, controllers, and/or multiple projects?

As things stand, my workaround is to do the CC assignment with another MIDI controller using the same controller slot (did it with the Pico as well as a ROLI Lightpad Block setup to only send CC#2). Assigning that same controller slot to the WX-11, the CC#2 assignment “sticks” in that file, for that device. Though it‘s reproducible, it‘s more than a bit inconvenient. Might focus on using the Eigenharp in my 8-Track endeavours, But, even then, it‘s cumbersome to assign breath control every time (to every preset, in every device, in every project). What‘s more, the whole thing is even messier in Equator.

So… My idea would be to find a way to remap CC#1 to CC#1 (modulation wheel, aka “MW” in the “Modulation Sources”). The Eigenharp doesn't use MW for anything else and can send it instead of CC#2. Since MW is an official modulation source, it‘s easy enough to assign it directly without “MIDI learn”. Although, even then, it sounds like it may still require some tweaking on a preset-by-preset basis.

Advice on dealing with a “non-standard” MIDI CC would be appreciated.


— Alex, aka “SynthBreath” ;-)

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