asked Oct 11 '17 at 15:21 by Rinux55 (11)

I have an external synth hooked up to the MIDI OUT of my Komplete Audio 6.

Yesterday this was working fine: I add a new HW Instrument, select Komplete Audio 6 MIDI as the output, and Channel 1 as the output channel. I could send notes, and my Komplete Audio receives the MIDI notes.

Only today it is not working anymore. Bitwig is showing that Midi is being sent, as seen at the flashing light right of the HW instrument. But my Komplete Audio is not receiving Midi anymore. When I try it in ableton, everything works like expected, so I suspect the problem is with Bitwg. Maybe I'm missing a setting somewhere?

So I found the solution... and a bug (I think)!

When I start bitwig, and close the screen which shows at startup, the screen which offers me which projects to start, it doesn't work. However, when I start bitwig and choose 'new project', and do exactly tthe same (add HW instrument and select the correct ports), it does work! seems like some things won't get initialized when you don't choose for 'new project'... Running bitwig 2.1.4 on windows, build date 2017-09-11. (demo mode)


answered Oct 11 '17 at 15:51 by Rinux55 (11)

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