asked Oct 12 at 18:20 by zhiguli8 (21)

I'm just beginning to get into Bitwig 1.3 and I thought it would be really neat if there was a window where you could sequence scenes and/or clips in whatever order you like where the clips are linked to the originals in the clip launcher. Any change made to the clip launcher versions would then happen within the new "Clip/Scene Sequencer?". That way you could have one or multiple arrangements you could try out before committing them to the Arrangement Timeline. I think Studio One has something like this, but not exactly because this way you could set up multiple versions of an arrangement here within one project. It's a bit similar to Auxy which is a great little sketchpad, but transferring the completed midi file requires a lot of fiddling in Bitwig and you can only set up one arrangement. There might be a way to do this in the clip launcher in Bitwig, but I'm thinking it needs a graphical representation where you might be able to transpose sections (or entire arrangement versions) and give them different tempo/swing maps, etc.

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