asked Oct 13 '17 at 16:12 by Lmon_Tandon (91)


Are there any Future Plans for a Console 1 mk2 intergation? Autotrack-number and name does not function.

I would also like to see more integration with Console 1


answered Jan 19 '18 at 13:49 by timchild (61)

Softube have reported that they have now fix their CPU spikes issues with Bitwig ( 2 or 3 updates back already ) so I really think it's time for Bitwig developers to dive into this and bring full integration for Console 1 & Fader 1 like Ableton's Live users can get with the VST 3 version of those Softube Plugins.

It is a real game changer inside Live and I'm really missing the full integration inside Bitwig Studio.

Next to this Softube has increased the modeled channel strips for Console 1, bringing the Chandler Limited Zener-Bender as well as the Weiss Gambit in addition to their SSL, British Class A & API channels strips which is making the Console 1 workflow even more attractive for new users. So I really think it's definitely something that should be looked into by the Bitwig development team, a neat integration is really lacking comparing to Live now. I'm sure you can do it guys !!


answered May 19 at 17:45 by Teka (31)

I also vote for Console 1 integration.

It doesn’t integrate with anything in Bitwig to be honest. The volume faders in C1 are separate to Bitwig’s and the aux sends don’t work either.


answered May 05 at 13:11 by auricle (21)

Hi there,

Old topic I know - slim chance I get an answer, but:

Is autotrack number and naming the only thing not working? For example do the send knobs functions, effectively controlling the sends in bitwig?



answered Mar 07 at 08:24 by Ombossa (11)

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