asked Oct 14 '17 at 14:43 by mudrecords (1)

Hopefully I'm doing something wrong or have missed a setting to change. When I group tracks that are panned left and right they play as mono in the group track. Any suggestions on how to keep the signals stereo once they are grouped?

If you pan one and the same sound left and right, it is normal to get out a mono. Try to make the panned sounds different by applying some delay, EQ, distortion etc. Then you'll get stereo effect.


answered Oct 14 '17 at 16:16 by DragD (168)

Thanks DragD. In more detail the problem I am having is as follows.

I have 3 backing vocals, 1 panned left, 1 centre, 1 right. When sent to the master buss they all appear as panned. When grouped they become mono. If I solo one of the panned tracks and change its output to the master it remains panned. If I then change its output to the group track it becomes mono again.

I have checked this multiple times and the problem remains. I have checked th user manual and searched the net but have found no info.

Hopefully there is a way around this and it is not just a bug in my system. I updated to 2.2 yesterday and today is the first time. Have used group tracks. I could try reinstalling as I did have a couple of issues downloading and installing before 2.2 worked.



answered Oct 14 '17 at 18:18 by mudrecords (1)

Problem solved. I deleted the vocal tracks and recorded new ones. When I panned them and grouped all worked as it should - the panning was still intact in the group track.

I have no idea why the original tracks had the issue.


answered Oct 15 '17 at 09:07 by mudrecords (1)

Great! I was trying to reproduce the issue - unsuccessfully :)


answered Oct 15 '17 at 16:04 by DragD (168)

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