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On the Tool device, the meter's yellow zone is -28 to -36dB.

On all other meters, the yellow zone is -16 to -20dB (or 0 to 4dB in K-20 mode).

Why do the Tool meters differ from the other meters?

Just noticed this myself. This is a good question. Anyone know?

  — (Jun 20 '18 at 04:52) hrrld

I agree this really should be fixed. I don't really like the tri-colored meters at all because they're largely irrelevant to producers who work 100% "in the DAW", and who work with the kind of genres that Ableton and Bitwig are famous matches for (loud Bass music and EDM).

But for the producers who do route signals out of Bitwig and into outboard gear, I can see the usefulness of having the yellow-colored zone roughly indicate the -18 RMS "sweet spot" for older "vintage" analog gear that has a non-linear response to the signal level.

But the fact that all the tiny input/output meters that bracket device containers, and the Tool plugin itself, puts the yellow zone in a different (and weird) place compared to the big mixers is really a huge disservice and looks very un-professional. If you're going to stay with the tri-color meters, at least standardize ALL of your meters on the same -16 to -20 range for the yellow portion of the meters.

As it stands today, the meter on the Tool device is WORTHLESS for gain-staging a signal into a non-linear vintage-modeled plugin. It's bad enough that the pip marks are in HUGE 20 dB increments, but when the yellow zone is totally below the typical sweet spot where I would even care about setting my gainstaging in a careful manner (either at -18 RMS or -12 peak), that meter in Tool is really distracting, misleading, and worthless overall.

I quite literally have to drag out a more accurate 3rd party meter plug just to set my gain staging properly for vintage plugs in my track insert chains. That's frankly ridiculous, and falls way short of the excellent design shown in other areas of Bitwig. Setting that color range properly and consistently is a laughably easy thing in a Java-based application. You probably have to update only one class to do it, lol. Please fix this ASAP.


answered Jul 14 '18 at 23:01 by Baphy (209)

edited Jul 14 '18 at 23:08

I take your point, but don't really see the need for such strong language. Especially when there are so many good free metering plugins around. I do hope they improve this in the future tho. :)

  — (Jul 14 '18 at 23:23) hrrld

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