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When will track freeze be possible (like Ableton) or will it be a feature at all or not?

Actually, I know you can bounce track to a new audio track and then deactivate the instrument track, but the freeze track is amazing to keep things clean (and come to same result faster too).

P.S.Sorry that i asked almost the same question to one that already somebody asked, but since there was no replay to that, i wanted to ask again. Sorry.

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A freeze button would really nice. Technical its identical with bounce in place, but with a freeze button I would have a nicer workflow, cause I can unfreeze at any time. My todays workaround is to duplicate a track and bounce in place the second one, so I can save CPU-Power for expensive Plugins like Reaktor6 and stuff like that.


answered Feb 07 '16 at 10:35 by justchris (46)

I suggest that a Freeze Track function will also free up the RAM memory that was occupied by a sampler on the track. This would be a deal breaker for those producers who work with extremely RAM intensive Kontakt instruments (typically Symph Orchestra mock-ups). Right now I only know about Cubase offering this, so there's definitely a market to break into for BWS.


answered Nov 04 '16 at 13:21 by pboy (42)

Yes, Freezing Tracks is an essential feature.. I have switch to Reaper now, is not beautifully but very functional.


answered Feb 03 at 18:22 by AlterSack (29)

A common situation where freezing saves you loads of work hours every day is when producing music with key-switch armed Kontakt sampler instruments. Just think about the horror when you need to edit just one note on a track and when you hit playback two bars back in time a dozen heavy tracks play back with the wrong strings orchestra alteration!!! (Sustained bowing, Marcato, Pizzicato, etc). This happens because most sampler library use notes, outside the musically useful range, for switching between alterations. But when you keep tracks frozen the correct alteration will always play back and you can work super fast on other stuff in the arrangement.


answered Feb 03 at 18:37 by pboy (42)

i LOVE bitwig for so many things (editing multiple midi clips at the same time, modulation heaven, etc) and i want to switch from my other daws to using solely bitwig because it has so many more sound design capabilities versus other daws. however, without a freeze function (that also frees up RAM, unlike ableton), this daw is useless for me for any professional application: i compose music for video games and film for a living and use a TON of large kontakt libraries that eat up a TON of ram. PLEASE add a freeze function so that professionals like myself can non destructively utilize as many kontakt libs (among other ram/cpu hungry plugins) in our compositions without hitting the ram/cpu ceiling... and finally be able to switch over to bitwig for full time use. thank you!


answered Oct 22 at 20:34 by offthesky (21)

What is the diffrance between bouncing and freezing? I thought it was the same diffrent name. But there is nothing called freezing yet. Might be possible option for future. Or just add to whishlist.

You have kind of the option to do what you said. But you can bounce in place also which is faster than bounce. You will be able to edit fx if you bounce in place.

I even read in a ableton forum that bounce and freeze is the same thing. Topic is here

You wont be able to transform back to midi. But i would love that. But open up the sideview of the cliplauncher and throw acopy of the midi in there soo you can recall anytime

I hope this is some help for you. Remember you can choose how you want to bounce and if it should be with fx, pre post or custom. Also bounce in place is great and fast and allows you to use the fx standalone and not on the bounce.


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Thanks a lot for your answer. Actually i know it is the same. Freeze, it just makes a temporary bounce of that track. But with freeze, you don't loose MIDI, AUTOMATION if you want to get back and change a bit the sound. To proceed as you said, when you place the midi to clip launcher and when you bring back, you loose the Automation.

  — (Dec 09 '14 at 19:37) bresilla

I would also LOVE to see an AL-alike freeze-function!! That would be so awesome!

Peace out! B.L.O.


answered Oct 28 '15 at 22:14 by B-L-O (11)

Freeze is required please. It is very handy and easily undone as your creating the track and trying to save CPU. Please implement.


answered Apr 26 '16 at 23:19 by paulthomas881 (11)

@pboy So now you know that Reaper offers that too. And Reaper has reaaly huge freezing managment. As I know Pro Tools also has freezing option (it's called bouncig there i think..). Probably most DAWs offer it.

For me freezing is standard in music production. That's why I don't use (and buy) Bitwig right now.


answered Nov 09 '16 at 15:09 by Tramp (11)

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The workaround isn't realisticly workable in a large project, it becomes tedious and time consuming, and gets messy when you have multiple clips (bounce in place ends where clips end, so you have to go and extend or join clips together or you lose buts of audio.)

I can't for the life of me figure out why this hasn't been prioritized, i saw something years ago that it was coming.. and without it, workflow is a nightmare on complicated projects


answered Feb 03 at 18:10 by jerrett (11)

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