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Overview and motivation

This feature request embodies the understanding that the music is multidimensional - technically, functionally and physically:

  • The usual view of an audio mix is the technical view. We split the audio tracks over groups/buses like drums, bass, synths, vocals etc. These are the usual, technical dimensions to look at a music piece.

  • For a functional view, we can look at a music piece as having another at least three functional dimensions - melody, harmony, rhythm etc.

  • A physical view is looking at a professional mix as having three physical dimensions - left-right (panning), front-back (volume) and up-down (highs-lows, air-bottom, ceiling-floor etc.)

Each view of the music piece would serve a different purpose and would need a different type of processing. Someone might imagine other views depending on their needs.


Below are examples of the usual technical view and the functional view for the same tracks. The physical view would be represented by an improved version of the Visual Mixer. It would present, for example, the sub-bass, the kick, the snare and the main vocals in the middle; the cowbell - left, the claps - right; the main vocals and Synth 3 - upfront; the back vocals and Synth 1 & 2 - at the back.

Another example: strings, keys, synths might be on one bus, drums and bass - on a second bus, guitars - on a third and vocals on a fourth bus for the purpose of Brauerizing.

Technical view Functional view
Technical view Functional view

This is a really interesting idea. It could probably be implemented relatively easily through use of tags. When you create a track, tag it according to its role in one of the dimensions. Alternate views can be selected by choosing the appropriate tag set.

In fact, that method could be generalized to allow completely individual organizational set ups along whatever lines a person would like.

Cool idea.


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Great idea.That would be really good.


answered Nov 04 at 08:21 by Neirlone (21)

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