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Hi, I have another problem with export now.

My come out very loud, they are clipping even though during playback they sound fine. They are occasionally clipping on the individual tracks, but I have a mastering pluging with an input attenuation of -16db on the master track to bring down the overall levels to suitable levels.

I don't understand, do the individual tracks go through the effects on the master track when exporting individual tracks?

Apparently not? So could it be possible to have a global gain for the export dialog. I tend to run the tracks at high levels, since clipping is no problem if I attenuate at the master track. This makes sense because if I notice the limiter starting to act, it's easier to lower the gain on the mastering plugin than manually bringing down volume on each track on the project... Changing the individual levels becomes really a chore, since I have automation anyway on most tracks, I can't even use the mixer slider anymore, so I have to add a Tool device to each track to bring down the volume.

But now during making the stems I see I have problem here.


A general "best practice" for level (volume) automation on tracks is to use a gain device like "Tool" as the last device on a track you want to automate. Then automate the Tool's "Amplitude" knob. This practice makes it easy to adjust fader levels as needed if any your tracks start peaking above 0 dB.

People in Ableton face the same issue, and they prevent the problem in the same way.


answered Nov 23 '17 at 14:14 by Baphy (209)

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