asked Oct 24 '17 at 23:34 by Paintingthestars (11)

Hello bitwig! Iam a Ableton user of many years.. After trying your software mostly because of the vst3 support that Ableton lacks, i have a few questions...

  1. can you save groups? If NOT will you add this feature? I mean what i love about live is the workflow saving, groups, let's say I have a drum group for house etc.. I want to be able to just drag the group into my new project, so important feature.

  2. Bouncing a whole group?

  3. Creating your own grooves? That can affect the whole project.

And also, if you need a tester for your software, i will gladly one of them :)

/ Dennis

Hi You can save a group by saving a clip (empty or not) on that group. The clip is then saved with the whole group, routing, devices and so on. Works for me! /Jonatan


answered Oct 27 '17 at 15:55 by jrdrake (21)

Okey, any good tutorials or link to any page on how to do this, cuse i cant fint it?? /Dennis

  — (Oct 30 '17 at 00:45) Paintingthestars

I donĀ“t know, maybe its in the manual? You just create a clip on the first track in the group (not the group track itself, that is not possible). Right click on the clip and "save clip to library". Choose a name. If you want to include devices tick that box - for example a Kontakt multi out with all the routing. Next time you drag your saved clip from the browser into a project it will include the whole group track and all its devices. /Jonatan

  — (Oct 30 '17 at 08:03) jrdrake

Thans but it was more the group track saving that intrested me, i have like many differant drumgroup tracks in ableton ,, Bitwig is really nice from what i can see from the demo even though it lacks Prodject groove that affects everything and group saving.. Thanks for the answer though!

  — (Nov 01 '17 at 18:53) Paintingthestars

Maybe I am misunderstanding you but I am describing group track saving. Have you tried it?

  — (Nov 01 '17 at 21:03) jrdrake

Yes it says "saving sceens is not possible" The linking didn't work eather.

  — (Nov 04 '17 at 00:01) Paintingthestars

I couldn't get jrdrakes solution to work at first but figured it out. You create a clip on the arranger, you will then see a dark grey clip appear on the actual group channel to show the group has clips. It is this Dark Grey Group Clip that you need to right click and select save as a scene using 'save scene to library.' It does indeed save everything in the Group.


answered Feb 01 '18 at 22:31 by AstralP (21)

1) What's better you can browse your Bitwig projects on the right-hand side (Browser-Files tab) and see the individual tracks/groups of the projects and drag'n'drop them in. There's no preview thou, which you can have if you save as clips to library. Handy feature nevertheless!

Project Browsing


answered Feb 08 '18 at 12:11 by mgaw (268)

what do you mean with saving groups? Groups of what?

You can save Devices as presets. You can save FX Chains as presets. You can save every Device and FX together as a preset.

kind regards


answered Oct 27 '17 at 15:57 by Lmon_Tandon (91)

everything you asked is possible bro cuz every native vst has its own effect section and if you save your drum preset it wil take everything within its fx section so you can easily browse on presets tab and drag it over your project


answered Nov 01 '17 at 18:22 by LouisHolm (66)

Okey but it was more the group track saving i was wondering about.. I often have a drumgroup some midi and som audio.. And i just drag them into my drum folder for later use.. Thanks for replying though! :D


answered Nov 01 '17 at 18:50 by Paintingthestars (11)

What I do is cut and paste from a template project, using the tabs.


answered Nov 04 '17 at 02:04 by ejgallego (104)

This would be really useful.

Also a few replies suggest some people aren't familiar with this feature in Live... Saving a "group" would be the equivalent of saving a Bus and all of its associated instruments, plugin settings, any send knobs/levels, etc...

You'd drag the group to the browser. Organize your instrument groups as needed. Drag them into a new project whenever you wanted to recall it...

I do a lot of orchestral and production music so saving entire groups of instrument groups would be huge... If I wanted to save a group with a bunch of my kontakt orchestra instruments this would be awesome. I'd have a few staple string groups, brass groups, and percussion groups I could drag in from the browser if somewhere along the way I decide the track might want to go in that direction...

Same with synths... Maybe I'm starting with orchestra and realize I want to dirty it up with a few synths... I'd typically prefer to drag in a whole group of instruments than a single instrument since this gives me a bunch of instrument choices in one shot...

And for some perspective... This feature is not isolated to Live: Many Logic users have moved toward using their browser to build "stacks" (same idea as groups) to drag in whole groups of instruments in favor of building templates because Logic's patch browser is insanely well thought out, and easily customizable... I use both but love the patch browser feature...


answered Jan 01 at 22:20 by justinc (41)

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