asked Oct 28 '17 at 03:58 by Entropy (31)

I'm considering upgrading from Bitwig 1 (1.3.16) to the latest in the 2.x branch. To all the participants of this forum: How stable is Bitwig 2? I ask because I read a number of threads on here about stability and I don't want to skew my perception by reading a bunch of negative experiences and thinking that 2.x is terrible. It would be good if everyone who read this post gave a stability rating out of 10.

My main reason for wanting to upgrade is actually stability itself. 1.3.16 gets a bit crashey[sic] when you import samples straight into clips while transport is playing. I'm hoping 2.2 (I think that's the latest, now) fixes this, but a cursory search appears to show I'd be trading one set of issues for another, which may be a worthwhile trade, depending on how bad they are.

I guess you can use the demo to try. 2.0 was not very stable for me, 2.1 didn't improve a lot, 2.2 is a bit better so far. I used to get crashes only on specific operations so that was bearable. Another point to consider is that 2.0 seems to place more load on the GUI side. I've never had too much problem in Linux but it seems other platforms could be more affected.


answered Oct 28 '17 at 12:48 by ejgallego (104)

I use Bitwig on a daily basis, from (can't remember which) till now (2.2.2) no stability issues what so ever on several different PC's (old one, new one and laptop). solid. Also on GUI side no problem what so ever, zooming in big project with open automation lanes. smooth as ...

just to balance the negativity ;)

you can try the demo


answered Oct 28 '17 at 14:03 by connmach (38)

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no problem with stability, compare to protools 12 HD on the same computer, Bitwig 2 works much better! I had only one crash in 2 months of use. I work with windows 10


answered Oct 29 '17 at 00:10 by adtone (31)

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I came in at 2.1 in June 2017 so cant compare with earlier versions. Sure I've had some issues with crashing and freeze ups, but not any worse or better than what I experienced in cubase. I'd say most of these were related to plugins. But bitwig isolates each plugin so when one crashes it doesnt take down the whole program and I just reload the crashed plugin and continue. I guess everyone has different needs, but in my opinion if you dont upgrade to v2 you are missing out on some really cool improvements and additions.



answered Oct 29 '17 at 08:42 by djx (315)

I have a lot of engine crashes when using native Sampler in Bitwig 2 (MacOS). I've sent a lot of crash reports but it still not fixed. So if you are going to use Bitwig's sampler you might have the same problems.


answered Oct 29 '17 at 17:06 by Enrize (259)

2.0 was good but a little rushed, then they released 2.1.x improving some stuff. But the software become a little buggy (my opinion) in other parts so they release 2.1.4, with was the best version (in 2.x era) in my opinion, very stable. After some time they released 2.2, I hated it cuz some 3rd party vsts went nuts, so I downgraded to 2.1.4. They released 2.2.1 that fixed some problems, but still had issues, so I kept with my good old 2.1.4 until they kicked asses with 2.2.2 with I think is the best version so far after 1.3.16, so I highly reccomend 2.2.2. They really fixed a lot of fkdp stuff and it runs much faster than past releases, Keep both 1.x.x and 2.2.2, mess arround with it till you feel comfortably with it (if you save your project in 2.x.x it will never run it 1.x.x ever again so take care).


answered Nov 01 '17 at 18:34 by LouisHolm (66)

Thank you to everyone for giving me their opinion on stability. It has been really useful. I will upgrade soon thanks to you guys.


answered Nov 12 '17 at 02:53 by Entropy (31)

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