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I've got an arturia minilab mk II with endless encoders that I'm using with bitwig studio. Currently I have the encoders set to absolute mode, and in bitwig im just using the generic midi controller script for it. It works well, but every time i open up a new project the parameters jump to 0 when i touch a knob.

I prefer not to use the old minilab script thats available, simply because i don't need the various control modes it provides. However, I was wondering if its possible, either through program settings or scripting, to set bitwig to receive relative control data by default instead of absolute whenever i create a mapping for one of the encoders. Thats the one part of the old minilab script that I want to make use of.

If scripting is involved, could someone point me in the right direction as to how to go about this? Should I make a new one? Comment out the stuff I don't need on the old one? Any help is appreciated.



I'd personally like to see all external controller knobs and even sliders "relative" by default (except for navigation). This because when you move a knob/slider you normally want less or more of something and not an exact number, right? This could be achived with some simple math..

I even went ahead and did a fast javascript demo of a relative slider:



answered Oct 31 '17 at 16:27 by mgaw (268)

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