asked Dec 11 '14 at 19:02 by AndrewRyanFox (11)

What kind of discount does the education pricing offer? Also does it affect the package pricing's any (producer pack, Nektar)?And lastly, if I am about to finish my last semester in college does that mean I won't be eligible for any time period after? My finals are this week and I just recently learned about Bitwig.

Thanks for your help!

Hi AndrewRyanFox,

There are educational licenses available to purchase through the Bitwig website!

See Link:

The Educational license does provide you will the full version of Bitwig Studio and does not limit your functionality. If you are wanting to purchase an Educational license, you will need to provide Bitwig Studio Staff with proof of enrollment in your course.

The price variance between the Regular and Educational licenses varies dependent on your location, so if you follow the above link you should be able to see the difference in price!

Hope that helps you out :)




answered Dec 16 '14 at 03:40 by Mikey (91)

Hello AndrewRyanFox, I for one downloaded Bitwig Studio 2 from 4allstudents. The student price is only €199 now. Then I verified my status as a college student (at Flinders University). essay writing service


answered Dec 03 '19 at 07:10 by Altenburger (11)

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