asked Nov 03 '17 at 02:38 by johnjohnbinks (11)

Hi Recently, I was trying to open a beat I was working on. My computer was lagging before that, but I assume that is irrelevant. Anyways, It showed the screen showing all my projects and asking which ones to open. I selected the projects I wanted to open, It then said that my build has expired and to contact Bitwig. It loaded my projects in the backround, but when I clicked OK it closed the program. I am using Bitwig Studio 2.2 Beta 9. What should I do? I tried downloading studio 2.2 but it said the download was interrupted inside of the wizard.

When you installed the beta it would have told you at some point during the install that it would expire at a certain date. That has now happened so you should just download the current latest release - 2.2.2 (if it gets interrupted just try again). Its not a huge download so you should get it eventually).


answered Nov 03 '17 at 11:41 by djx (315)

The question is why does it even do that? It's to no benefit to the user if one doesn't currently have internet access...


answered May 23 at 16:56 by Phero (21)

This is common practice with beta releases. I think the idea is that the beta is eventually made redundant by the full release. If one has no internet access, then maybe one cant participate in the beta program.

  — (May 24 at 08:34) djx

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