asked Nov 05 '17 at 19:51 by p8guitar (20)

"MIDI CC: A vehicle for sending any MIDI continuous controller (CC) messages via
eight parameter knobs. A global MIDI Channel can be set."

This explanation might be enough for experienced people, but I have no idea how to use the device.
 1. What does MW, BC and XP mean?
 2. Why are there 5 unused knobs?
 3. How can I send for example CC32 with value 2?
 4. How can I type numerical values instead of turning the know? I want to send value 2, not value 2,540.
 5. What does flush do?
 6. How do I actually send the CC message?
  1. MW = mod wheel (CC 1), BC = breath controller (CC 2), XP = expression controller (CC 11). These are just commonly used CC's. You can change them if you dont need them. Setting CC to -1 will disable that knob.
  2. Use the 8 available knobs however you like. If you only need 1 just disable all the others by setting their CC to -1.
  3. Set the CC to 32. Then turn the knob util the value = 2. I dont know a way to just send a specific value - but myabe thats what "flush" does - assuming the knob is rotated to be on that value.
  4. Dont know.
  5. See my answer to 3
  6. Turn the knob.

What are you trying to achieve with the midi-CC device? It might help us be more specific with our answers.



answered Nov 06 '17 at 11:55 by djx (315)

I want to send CC69 with values 1, 2, 3 or 4 to select the snapshots of my helix (guitar amp + fx). ok - when I press flush, the midi CC is sent. Now I see that it works with figures like 1,24. the value must not be exactly 1, 2, 3 or 4, approximately is enough. But flush is the only parameter that cannot be automated in the automation lanes of the arrangement, so how do I send the CC? that's crazy.

Same problem with the midi program change. "send" cannot be automated.


answered Nov 06 '17 at 21:58 by p8guitar (20)

Is there a reason you cant just use the automation lane to set CC69 values? You dont need the midi-cc device for that.


answered Nov 07 '17 at 02:26 by djx (315)

You're right - this is much easier! :-)

Is it possible to send a program change and bank select with the automation lanes, too?


answered Nov 07 '17 at 22:23 by p8guitar (20)

This is an old post... but I'm looking for MIDI CC stuff and I found this. It seems like there's a program change device that can have it's Send function be automated as an on / off signal.


answered Apr 13 '18 at 19:49 by mynameisjohnj (33)

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