asked Nov 07 '17 at 07:34 by mynameisjohnj (33)

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Is there a way to select multiple notes in the edit view and change their start time?

You can adjust it in the note inspector panel at the bottom left, but that seems to only adjust one note in the selection as desired and move the rest relative to that note. I can see that being useful in some circumstances, but that's easily accomplished via a single mouse drag. If I want to take 10 notes and set their start time to measure 1 I have to do 10 mouse drags... which is tedious.

Another Edit View question - any way of locking the direction in which the selection is dragged? Most apps (even outside of music) will lock either the X or Y direction if something like shift is held while dragging in that direction. This is useful when dragging a note to some time beyond what's currently visible - sometimes while scrolling the note number will change inadvertently.



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