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Can you please provide the md5/sha1/sha256 sums of the installers to verify integrity of downloads? While I am fairly confident it is a false positive, Sophos is flagging the .dmg (and the bitwig.jar it contains as Mal/JavaGen-D:

I downloaded a fresh installer and it immediately flagged it as well. This is some windows java malware and I am on OSX so it seems highly unlikely this is a legitimate report, but it did make me want to verify integrity of my download and I was unable to find the md5/sha1/sha256 sums provided anywhere on the site.

PS. Has anyone else had 2.2.2 flagged for this? I should also mention that this Mac is scanned regularly and no other files have been flagged. I re-downloaded 2.2.2 .dmg and immediately scanned it before installing or doing anything else and it was flagged.


Yes, I'm having the same problem, Sophos even removed it while Bitwig was running and it crashed and I lost a sick Serum patch.. I re-downloaded a fresh one and it was flagged. I hope it's just a false positive.


answered Nov 12 '17 at 02:42 by aaronw0lff (21)

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