asked Nov 08 '17 at 19:01 by Rpagala1 (11)

Vocal tune is standard feature on most daw, will Bitwig include this in the near future?

While there's no autotune in Bitwig, you CAN make pitch corrections via envelope in the Note Editor Panel in the Arranger view.


answered Dec 16 '17 at 04:18 by Starscade (31)

Realizing this is a fairly old thread, I can't find an answer on this feature anywhere in the timeline. And your answer isn't respective of the question, the envelope method is substandard. Folks like me who have come to BWS from Sonar are desperately missing Melodyne. So the question is, will BWS fill this gap anytime in the near future?


answered Mar 20 '19 at 18:45 by omayhemo (41)

Does anyone know, or can confirm if Bitwig reads any of this Q&A , or does Bitwig ever provide any feedback directly on this Q&A?


answered Mar 28 at 21:54 by bwet (11)

If you want to make a feature request or talk to the devs use this:

This is a user driven forum. More information about the q&a section:

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