asked Nov 09 '17 at 19:52 by commonfruitsoundlab (71)

Would love to see the function of midi note lanes on the arranger so that drum sequencing is easier and rendering individual instruments or sounds on a piano roll is possible.

Thanks a bunch! loyal bitwig user

Heya, I'm not sure I understand what a midi note lane is. Could you explain what it is and how it's better than working with instrument tracks?


answered Nov 21 '17 at 10:03 by fredrik (186)

A midi note or audio lane is separate track event from the same instrument. I've seen this used in Reason.
this is helpful for having different instances or takes of the same instrument or audio track recording without having to duplicate the track and record a different instance. creating a note or audio lane within one track its really helpful in not bogging down the CPU and keeping sounds independent of each other.

  — (Nov 28 '17 at 18:38) commonfruitsoundlab

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