asked Nov 13 '17 at 03:57 by A_W_B (13)

Hi, I spent quite a while setting up a bitwig set with complex MIDI mappings (about 100) for use with a KMI SoftStep 2 a few months ago. I've just got back to it and while all the mappings are still there, the mapped values aren't being triggered by the softstep, despite all the input settings being identical.

This is my problem:

  • All the previous MIDI mappings remain as they were in the set.
  • All MIDI mappings from by Softstep 2 (SS2) are sent from, and arrive to Bitwig in a virtual port called "Softstep Share"
  • As there is no configured controller or script, I use generic / MIDI keyboard, with Softstep Share as the input
  • When I trigger messages on the SS, none of the mapped parameters change.
  • If I enter MIDI map mode it will map the messages under a grouping of a new MIDI keyboard (messages definitely are getting through)

So it seems that somehow Bitwig has "forgotten" the original input source, so there are no incoming values that match the MIDI mappings. Is there a way I can configure which source the "MIDI keyboard" with all the mappings I want is listening for?

Can you find a simple way to reproduce the problem? With steps to reproduce Bitwig tech support can sink their teeth into this issue.


answered Nov 14 '17 at 15:49 by fredrik (186)

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