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I bought VST for the first time EVER and am generally lost in what to do, the manual and support I've seen cater to experienced users and I am unsure where to start.

I loaded one folder, but there is nothing to select when clicking down on it. I see FM8 and Native Instruments, but don't see an actual instrument / device to choose.

Is there a BitWig tutorial out there that would lead me through this process?

Am I supposed to find every file path for every VST? I have not seen automation on this..


This has helped me in 2017 / Bitwig Studio 2.1.3.

I just purchased Waves SSL G-Channel after already having the Waves Platinum bundle installed for a long time. I couldn't get Bitwig to recognize the newly installed G-Channel (Ableton Live picked it up).

What I tried: - nothing at first, I expected it to show up - went to Settings / Plug-In Locations, tried to toggle the orange "Monitor this location" button, it did not help - removed VST and VST3 plug-in paths, restarted Bitwig, re-added VST and VST3 plug-in paths again, it did not help either - tried "touching" WaveShell.vst and WaveShell.vst3 to make it appear newer, it did not help - reinstalled Waves plugins, it did not help

Only thing that has helped was that I went into /Users/norbert/Library/Caches/Bitwig and delete vst-metadata and vst3-metadata files manually. After this launched Bitwig and it scanned the plugins for about 5 minutes and now the SSL G-Channels properly shows up.

Hope this helps the Bitwig team and others.


answered Sep 04 '17 at 18:57 by norbert (120)

This issue still persists in Btiwig 3. Thankfully, norbert's solution worked after hours of tearing my hair out.


answered Sep 25 '19 at 02:02 by phil-harmoniq (21)

I am bit confused since this never happend to me has i think you describe it. I install every vst under a collective folder where i have all my vsts. Then i select one vst folder in bitwig. And its there every vst, its as simple as that.


answered Dec 13 '14 at 19:04 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

OSX: search VSTĀ“s for Mac in Macintosh/Library/Audio/VST...there the plugins maybe under developer name...this will happen if u dont change to a own Folder....its the basic path...on may machine....OSX 10.9.5

WIN: every Plugin can install in Path u want to change this Folder in BWS u can read the Manual or try do look around in the Browser upper right side.

Be sure you have one Path for all Pluggs

Maybe: C:/ProducerStuff/Plugins/VST/Plugin.dll


answered Dec 22 '14 at 00:53 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

There's meant to be automation, yes. If you go to the settings tab on the far right of the browser you can select the folders which you want BitWig to search periodically for VSTs. You can also right click in the browser on the devices tab to add a new folder.

However, the current build seems to have a slight issue with actually seeing them, which is a bit annoying - it's not working how it's meant to, basically. If you are having this problem -

delete this folder: /AppData/Local/BitwigStudio/index and delete this file: /AppData/Local/BitwigStudio/cache/vst-metadata

Or, if you feel uncomfortable doing that, a re-install should achieve the same thing.

Hope this helps.


answered Apr 16 '15 at 13:40 by MellowVenom (309)

"Read only" off on folder with plugins and good.


answered Dec 25 '18 at 13:00 by Pipe_Toz (11)

edited Dec 25 '18 at 13:26

Same issue today, here is how I was able to fix it:

  • The "Show Plugin Errors" button under Settings > Plugins showed me that the VSTs could not be loaded due to a plugin host error
  • It seems like the port "1234" got blocked by another program
  • Detect the program using "netstat -ano" and use the PID in the task manager to find it.
  • Close the program and restart bitwig.

answered May 28 at 23:09 by spaceemotion (11)

I was in the same situation back when I was working for and it got resolved pretty quickly. I wouldn't even mention it, but I just remembered the good old days with games and my friends working together and playing together. Such a great time we had.


answered May 30 at 02:51 by BenikoKawamoto (11)

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