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Hi there Windows vst .dll in bitwig Linux? Who can explain how it works ?

With airwave-manager vst not getting loaded in bitwig? With Carla I not get it and with this vst bridge also not!

  — (Nov 15 '17 at 02:02) pixelmatrix

I have it working fine. I have airwave and wine installed. With wine I ran the exe installer file of the vst's and installed those in their proper directories. Then I opened airwave and created the "links" for the files. Linux doesn't understand dll's and is only familiar with .so files, which is why you use airwave. Airwave just creates a "link" to the dll file.

In my home folder I have a .wine folder and a .vst folder. Remember that folders starting with a . is hidden folders, just in case you cant see them at first. In my .wine folder the vst is installed, and you would find the vst and its dll files here, and it is identical to looking in your c:\program files\whatever-vst on your windows machine.

In my .vst folder the link that I have created with airwave lives. These are the .so files that bitwig understands.

In bitwigs settings you have a "locations"/plugin locations tab, make sure that the ~/.vst path shows up here.. If not, create it and navigate to it. When you load up the plugins first time in bitwig you will be directed to their validate register page, which also worked great without hassle here on my end.

There are a few bugs, but I am able to work around those pretty easy. The 3 vst's I use is: 1. Sylenth1 2. Toontrack Ez Drummer 3. Edirol Orchestra

Sylenth one works absolutely great and responsive. I can play my midi keyboard realtime without noticable lag/latency. I can make it crash if I open the bitwig settings or the shortcut page while having the vst window open.. Ctrl+, and Ctrl+Enter. The workaround is simple -> close the sylenth1 window before opening the settings window. Other than this there is no problems at all.

Ez Drummer has two issues. One is the graphics showing when hitting a drum. It's looks a bit messed up, but beside that it works great. The other is that it is not possible to drag and drop drum loops from ez drummer to a instrument track in bitwig. And this is annoying as hell especially if you have spend a lot of money on expansion packs with drum loops. A workaround is to use Ez drummers own song creater area and drop and drag here And then when you have all of your drum track layed down save it to user midi files, navigate to where that midi file is stored with your specific file manager for your distro, and then drag the midi file from here directly into bitwig. I do have spend quite a lot on expansion packs, to speed up my workflow, but I now tend to try making my own drums from scratch instead, and only use ez drummer for the drum sounds. So it is becomming less and less of a problem. Just like the Sylenth1 issue it seems to be a "WINDOW CLASS" conflict/problem between the airwave host and bitwig. I should mention that I am on a pretty weird desktop environment, in my case my window manager is i3wm and I currently don't run any desktop environment. It might work with some of the full Gnome/KDE/Unity/XFCE environments. I have never tested that. I just prefer totally stripped down minimalistic workstations and not trying to make linux look like windows or mac. I might test it some other time.

Edirol Orchestra works great. It so damn old (like 10+ years), the vst has no moving graphics or anything else that could go wrong.

So with these 3 vst I have all I need. I have a killer synth, very good sounding drums and good sounding string arrangements, all running stable if used right.

I should probably mention also that ALL automation of all 3 vst's works perfectly.

IF any of the plugins crash and makes bitwig hang, open up a terminal and do a "ps -A |grep bitwig" find the pid's and kill it. Bitwig usually has some crash saves that will save you.


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thx i will try it again, if not i install the studio on windows!


answered Nov 19 '17 at 16:59 by pixelmatrix (11)

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