asked Nov 16 '17 at 16:12 by StrangeSociety (11)

Hi guys, I've got a, Allen & Heath ZED R16 mixing desk. I'm having major issues connecting it to bitwig, channels 17/18, line ins and XLR inputs are all working. but it's acting like an audio interface rather than a controller, I cannot use the transport controller, midi clips, automation knobs or even send my individual tracks to seperate channels on the desk for eq'ing to then send back into bitwig... I get prompt saying I don't have a scipt for this device, any ideas how to get one? I've been trying for weeks searching everywhere.. . Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Hi @ZenZoo , indeed one of the strongest and weakest points of BitWig is the way they handle controllers.

If I am not mistaken, in order to get the full functionality of you Allen&Heath desk you'll have to write a controller script yourself. This requires some basic programming skills.

IMHO the easiest way to go would be to adapt a "generic" script to the ZED. This will require some amount of tweaking a configuration text file. This is in general painful if you are not used to program.

In the KVR Bitwig forum you may get some more help.

The good side of this approach is that actually what you can do with your desk is basically limitless.


answered Nov 16 '17 at 17:11 by ejgallego (104)

Okay great, thank you for your help! @ejgallego ... I'll have a look into it :)


answered Nov 16 '17 at 17:15 by StrangeSociety (11)

You can also connect it using a generic script, then manually map all the controls you want.
In Dashboard > Settings > Controllers, add Generic > Keyboard + 8 Device Knobs. Then select your mixer as controller
Transport controls can be mapped in Dashboard > Settings > Shortcuts, to make them global across all projects.


answered Nov 21 '17 at 10:00 by fredrik (186)

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