asked Dec 14 '14 at 22:45 by controlvoltage (71)

This is perhaps a feature request, "please add recording and editing/automating for MIDI NRPN messages".

I discovered a curious behavior, which is that when one is monitoring a Hardware Instrument (but not recording), NRPN messages from a MIDI controller are passed to the MIDI output of the Hardware Instrument. As soon as Recording begins, the NRPN messages are no longer passed to the MIDI output, and these messages are not recorded.

A number of hardware instruments use NRPN messages to edit their extended parameters, and the ability to record and automate these messages would be exceedingly useful.

If there is already a facility for NRPN handling, please let me know.


Bumping this thread. I need 14-bit NRPN's and also sysex realtime messages for my hardware synths.

  — (Jul 08 '15 at 05:47) sonofzev

would also like NRPNs!


answered Dec 11 '15 at 21:17 by sonic-potions (11)

Any update to this? I've only just started using bitwig so if anyone knows how to use NRPNs please help me out!? I have a hydrasynth here and it seems daft using up a bunch of my mod matrix slots as CCs just to do the things I set up my hydrasynth macro controls to do....


answered May 29 at 09:41 by apeshake (0)

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