asked Nov 20 '17 at 14:07 by ikanbu (11)

Hey friends and Bitwig Team, I would really like to use the pitch information of one instrument to controll the values of some other plugins (also for other instruments or groups). Ideally I'd be able to send it through a script to translate the frequency values into values that work better with the other plugins if needed, but I'd also like to send the exact frequencies.. How can I do this in Bitwig?

Thanks so much in advance my friends!

Hey, can you be a little bit more specific? What is the instrument, what values do you want to control, and where is the pitch information coming from? :)
Most plug-ins (with some notable exceptions) will simply pass through any incoming notes, so they can be "picked up" by any plug-ins later in the chain. Add a Keytrack modulator to a plug-in (in the modulator panel) and use it to track key to any parameter.


answered Nov 21 '17 at 09:55 by fredrik (186)

Thanks so much already! I would like to track the pitch information of recorded audio like vocals and send it to a plugin within another group, to, for example, controll some parameters of the master-EQ or the EQ of the background music with the pitch of my voice or a solo instrument. Ideally I'd like to controll multiple parameters at once. Does the keytrack feature do that for me? Or does it only work for midi information?

  — (Nov 21 '17 at 13:33) ikanbu

The Keytrack modulator is only for notes, yes. There is no audio keytrack functionality in Bitwig Studio... yet.

  — (Nov 22 '17 at 11:24) fredrik

Okay. Do you think it's going to come soon? And would it be fluent pitches (in Hz) or just quantized pitches (like C, C#, D etc.)?

Anyway, even with the keytrack on a note I'm struggeling. How can I achieve, that when the (software) instrument is playing a Note at 440, 660, 880Hz etc. the Notch/Bell filter of my EQ is moving to the exact same frequency? The keytrack is somehow tracking the key, but I don't know what information it carries over to the EQ. It doesn't seem to be anything closely related to the Hz and the scale doesn't start at 0 but ~20Hz so it would anyway not work :P sorry

  — (Nov 23 '17 at 21:38) ikanbu

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