asked Nov 28 '17 at 19:10 by Burningstarz (11)

Hey Bitwiger! I'm really curious to see what is your method in term of mixing when it comes to Bitwig. Do you bounce everything and then mix or mix inside your original project.

I know there are pros and cons and a lot of debates about it all over the web. I used to bounce everything in other DAW's (I used mainly FL, Logic, Cubase and back in the days Reason...)

But Bitwig pushes so many limits and improve the workflow so much that I really been questioning my mixing methods so far that I don't see why convert in audio.

What do you think? And are you still bouncing in order to mix?


i´m brandnew to Bitwig, but worked with Ardour the last couple years. In my previous project I really got in love with groups.

So from now on I always have a Group for Audio and another for Midi. There are also Subgroups for drums f.E.. In the Chain of every Instrument, there´s a Program-Change, so I always have the right sound. Both Groups have the same Content, clips as Midi and the recorded Audiofiles ones.

When I like the Sound, I record it, so from now on I can put some Effects on it and so on. Because of my Soundcard, which has only 2 Inputs (mostly used as 1 Stereo), I have to go this way.

If I had a Soundcard with more Inputs, I would do the MIDI-only way much oftener.

Also If I take more than one Sound from my Analog Gear (with no Preset savings) I have to record first, before changing the Sound.

What I want to do, If I have more Projects done, is to put all Project-Groups into one new Projekt, to mix them live.

This is my way, for now. What I really miss, is the possibilty to give every Clip it´s own MIDI Programm Change Command


answered Dec 18 '17 at 08:40 by muteme (31)

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