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Using any of my controllers, there doesn't seem to be any kind of soft-takeover mode available for knobs and faders. I haven't seen anything in the settings and web/support searches have turned up nothing. Edit: This guy seems to be asking the same thing with no solution.

This obviously makes it infeasible to record changes in volume or effects.

Can anything be achieved with controller scripts? I am currently using the Bitwig provided ones, but I have tested a couple of community scripts with no success.


Implementing "dumb" takeover was simple, but I can't find a way to infer changes coming from the DAW rather than the controller.

The settable-ranged-value set function seems to be asynchronous, so the value set by the controller may not be the same as the macro value for a few update cycles. I can't reliably say "this change is coming from the controller" or "this change came from the DAW".

I haven't looked at the Java API at all, just the JS one. Maybe there's more useful watchers/observers, or maybe I'm missing something.

Edit: Found this which does exactly what I was trying to achieve.


answered Dec 01 '17 at 22:09 by Nankh (21)

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That's on my TODO list for the Novation Impulse controller script I'm slowly writing for my own personal use. I haven't yet implemented it, though.

Implementing soft-takeover takes a little bit of code, but it's straightforward: When a control is (re)assigned to a Bitwig parameter, save the parameter's current value. Then ignore CC messages until the control's value crosses that saved value.

ETA: I suppose you'd have to also watch for updates from the Bitwig parameter—either user changes or automation. And maybe you'd need to pay attention to the automation write mode, so that if the control and the parameter change independently, you can decide which has priority.

So, okay, maybe not quite so straightforward. But possible.


answered Nov 30 '17 at 00:13 by dhemery (39)

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