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I have a loop with an eighth note upbeat. I want to use Q to Loop to launch the loop on time but play the upbeat first. I have set the clip start time to the bar before I want the loop to begin and the loop start time to where the loop begins. I have activated Loop and Q to Loop. But when I launch the clip, it doesn't play the upbeat, just comes in with the downbeat of the loop. What am I doing wring?




I was having issue with Q. to loop and thought I would post what happened to me.

I'm using an instrument track to send midi to a hardware synth. Let's call that track 1. The audio from the hardware synth is coming into an audio track, we'll call track 2.

Since I have an audio clip on track 2, right before the midi track on track 1, I wasn't hearing the audio output of track two for the intro/pickup part. The audio from track 2 was taking precedence.

Not sure if I explained that well and I'm not sure it's the same issue but I thought I would post it since I found your question googling the issue and thought someone else might have run into this.

Cheers, Ben


answered Feb 05 '18 at 02:21 by benjaminwelch (49)

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