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I got my Nektar IMPACT Lx88+ today but only the keys and drum pads seem to work with bitwig Version1 8-Track is there any way to get the sliders and knobs and other buttons to control bitwig and why would bitwig give out a version of their daw with a controller that can't fully operate it

Do you have the controller script from Nektar? Or are you running the generic MIDI keyboard script?

  — (Dec 05 '17 at 21:37) fredrik

Nektar contacted me, sent me an email with this link and all is well and it does work with 8-Track Yes I thanked them


answered Dec 08 '17 at 01:14 by MR7KING (76)

I'm glad to hear things are up and running!


answered Dec 08 '17 at 02:26 by Dalflatt (91)

Have you installed the Nektar integration files for Bitwig? If not you'll need to log into your Nektar account and download/install them from there. The files include a Bitwig specific setup guide that should have you up and running in no time.


answered Dec 06 '17 at 03:09 by Dalflatt (91)

First thanks for your reply Dalflatt I have been to the page you speak of and there are no integration files for bitwig Version 1 in fact there is no integration files for any version of bitwig (ONLY A PDF) every other DAW has a file that you can download though let me be honest and say though that no files are need for BITWIG VERSION 2 I have the demo of Ver2 it just plugs and plays instantly with LX88+ BUT I have the 8-Track version of bitwig that comes with the LX88+ and it doesn't work like version 2 does. It is not cool that bitwig and Nekter bundled the 8-Track version 1 of Bitwig with the LX88+ knowing it would not work and also not provide drivers to remedy that issue BUT THEY HAVE DONE SO FOR EVERY OTHER DAW, DAWs that are not part of the keyboard bundle I contacted Nektar also but it seems they don't know how to reply to their customers


answered Dec 07 '17 at 17:30 by MR7KING (76)

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