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Bitwig's sampler needs more parity with a distinguishing workflow feature of Ableton Live: the ability to build and use robust "128 racks" as a way of pre-organizing samples for faster production workflow. Ableton's Sampler enables you to independently control Key Zones, Velocity Zones, and Sample Selector Zones for each of the 128 samples you put into a single instance of their Sampler. And it's that "Sample Selector" feature that enables you to build either "melodic 128s" with full keytracking for each sample, or "non-melodic 128s", where each sample is assigned to a specific MIDI note.

Bitwig's Sampler currently supports only "non-melodic" 128s. (Well, more accurately, Bigwig allows only for "96 racks" because your Note Pitch Shifter device supports only a +-48 range for using a knob to control which sample to play.) In other words,, if you add 96 samples to an instance of Sampler, none of the samples can respond to keytracking and therefore be played melodically.

What Bitwig's Sampler needs, in order to support a workflow style used by quite a few EDM producers, is an integrated "sample selector" zone map. In Ableton, you can load a sampler with 128 different samples and leave the key zones spread out across the full keyboard range. Then you choose which sample to play by using a macro mapped to the Sample Selector. The selected sample responds with key tracking, enabling you to play it melodically.

So, for example, sophisticated bass racks with independently-controllable sub layers and top layers can be easily designed in Ableton, and you can choose/automate exactly which sub layer and top layer to use, and you can play the resulting set of layer's melodically. All in one single rack with only two or three chains, using only two or three pre-built instances of Sampler.

Bitwig's Sampler needs to support this same -basic- capability of controlling/choosing multisamples either by MIDI note or by Sample Selector.

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