asked Dec 08 '17 at 18:54 by darkenergymedia (21)

those of you using bitwig for sound design sessions with the intention of creating DAW-agnostic raw audio clips - how are you doing it?

bitwig seems to make it utterly impossible to work the way i want, and indeed support has told me that "i'm not doing it right" in so many words, rather than address my needs and the way i like to work. that's their prerogative, of course, but i've become frustrated with a DAW that i was otherwise pretty excited to make my primary workstation.

what do i want to do? i want to take a clip in the timeline and export it to audio. in live, once i have a consolidated clip i can of course drag it to a folder and i'm done. as of right now, i have to bounce-in-place in bigtwig (which oftentimes results in strange gain results and clips that are not maximised) and then track down the file and copy or move it to the directory i want in addition to having to rename it.

"bitwig clips" are useless to me. i may want to work in protools, or maschine, or live, or just with raw audio, and i don't need clips with extensive meta-data. i can see the value of the bitwig clips, particularly if you don't have plans to leave the software from start-to-finish, but for those of us that do, this is impossibly frustrating.

the one workaround that seemed like it might work was selecting a range of audio in the timeline, clicking 'audio export' and having THAT RANGE ONLY be exported - that in conjunction with selecting the relevant track in the export dialogue would yield a clip of the correct length that i could export to a relevant directory. according to the manual, that's how it should work.

of course, it doesn't. the range is always the entire project, which would mean i would have to manually enter the region values every time i want to bounce...

bitwig is cool in so many ways, but this is a dealbreaker for me. i've been trying to work around it and get a decent workflow, but it ain't happening. it frustrates me that bitwig support tries to strongarm me into their way of thinking rather than work to create workflow options for customers that have ways they've been working for 15 or 20 years.

am i just missing something? is there a way to do this that doesn't involve having to compromise with the arrogance of the developers?

sorry for the tone - especially frustrated trying to do a session this morning.

Unfortunately, there's no clean way to do of yet. Specifically, there are no normalization features in Bitwig. The methods I use are:

A. Export the project audio using the loop region as your 'selection.' (The 'Loop Region' button in the 'Export Audio' dialogue will set this.)

B. Bounce (track)/Bounce-in-Place then navigate to the Project > Files tab (in the lower righthand corner), right-click the bounced audio and choose Reveal File.

Both methods still require normalization to be done after the fact. I've just gotten used to opening all my raw clips in Audacity.


answered Dec 16 '17 at 03:31 by Starscade (31)

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