asked Dec 10 '17 at 19:09 by hrrld (102)

When I copy/paste chains that include "Device Input" connections between tracks, those connections are lost on paste.

This makes copying sidechain from track to track a pain.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Have three tracks

2) Put a drum machine on the first track with a kick sound in one slot

3) On the second track, add a "Dynamics" device (or audio sidechain mod)

  • Connect the Device Input to the post-fader output of the kick in the drum machine

4) Copy the device with the Device Input and paste it the third track

  • The Device Input connection resets to the default "Device Input"

  • That is, the connection to the bass drum output is gone

I am missing something? Has anyone else encountered this?

Just reproduced your steps.. You are correct. Try this instead of copy pasting.. Grab the Dynamics Device with the changed input, with your mouse and drag it to the third track. Before letting go of your mouse press Ctrl and notice the + sign.. That way you copy the settings also and not just the device in its Init stage.


answered Dec 11 '17 at 15:04 by pbrynildsen (48)

Wow. Interesting workaround. I am mildly scared for the internals of this software if ctrl-drag functions so differently from copy/paste; but, I really appreciate your time and help!

  — (Dec 12 '17 at 01:58) hrrld

From what I've heard, copying something (whether its a clip or a track or a device) moves it to a new virtual invisible project, which means the routing information wouldn't be able to be copied over, unless its something universal to all projects on a given machine (like routing to the master track). I don't remember where I heard this from, but it explains why copy/pasting is different from ctrl+dragging.


answered Jul 08 '18 at 03:25 by jaxter184 (62)

That is super-interesting. The ctrl-drag behavior works so well, they should just delete the other code path. ;)

  — (Jul 08 '18 at 04:06) hrrld

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